Spring Equinox Gong Bath

Spring Equinox Gong Bath

The Spring Equinox is approaching fast, and we have scheduled two beautiful Gong Bath events with Alessandra Margarito on Friday March 22 and Sunday March 24.

Read Alessandra’s invitation and book one of the events below.

“Come join me for a special Spring Equinox Gong Bath, where I will lead you through a deep healing and relaxing gong bath, using my trusted and powerful, symphonic gongs.

A gong bath is a holistic practice. When played, the gongs release complex harmonics which wash over you whilst vibrating every cell in your body. The sound of the gong enables the brain to create both Theta and Delta waves, which can result in anything from a simple and powerful deep Delta sleep, to a sleep-like Theta state, where time feels like it’s standing still. It is during this Theta state that you can experience anything from little fluffy thoughts to astral travelling. 

From a physical point of view, the vibrations work with the physical body, highlighting blockages, enabling reprogramming and encouraging the flow of Chi.

Just like the harmonics it produces, the experience it induces is different every time and therefore each Gong Bath experience is unique.”

Come and immerse yourself in the vibrations of the gongs. Use this time to set some powerful intentions for the months ahead. 

Alessandra is a sound healer as well as a yoga and pilates teacher. After her own personal experience highlighting the power of the Gong, she travelled to Devon where she trained with Sheila Whittaker…that was the start of her journey……she is still exploring the power of the Gong and has been fortunate enough to train with so many wonderful healers.