Maria Gandy

Maria has set up and run Yogahome since 1998, and taught yoga for 12 years.

She holds a British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma and the BWY pregnancy yoga module.

Her teaching style is a strong flowing practice with a focus on alignment in the postures.


Elena joined the Yogahome family back in 2016, whilst completing her yoga teacher training. Her role at the studio evolved through the years, and she is now Yogahome’s Studio Manager as well as Marketing and Communication Manager. She also teaches a variety of yoga, strength and conditioning classes throughout the week.


Rebecca is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is an advocate in holistic living and advises her clients in nutrition, wellness, and yoga.

She practices yoga herself frequently, mainly vinyasa flow and attends yoga retreats yearly. She has found the effects of yoga so beneficial to her health and wellbeing.

She also runs an Etsy shop selling vintage and contemporary jewellery.


Bibi joined Yogahome in 2008. Her welcoming, friendly and knowledgable personality is at the front of the house since then.

Bibi enjoys working alongside the great yoga/Pilates team of teachers and other staff members and offering full support to all Yogahome clients.


Rachael is part of Yogahome’s lovely reception team!


Having grown up in Stoke Newington, Sara is thrilled to be part of the Yogahome team and community. She’s an English graduate from the University of Leeds and discovered the world of yoga and wellness in her teens. The practice of yoga – both on and off the mat – has now become a central part of her life.


Alongside being part of Yogahome’s lovely reception team, Victoria is an integrative creative therapist (MBACP). She cares deeply about working community-based and increasing access to therapeutic / wellness spaces that encourage and empower people to rebuild themselves.

Victoria believes there is much alchemy in somatic and creative exploration to help people experience a more fulfilled life.


Akane Abe-Trimmer

Akane is a Pilates and contemporary dance teacher and also choreographer. Her Pilates classes incorporate movement for spinal release and are always refreshing and fun!

Akane completed a BA in Sport Science at Chukyo University in Japan and taught aerobic and jazz dance before moving to Europe and training in mime theatre and contemporary dance. In 2003 she completed the Pilates Foundation UK’s Matwork Teaching qualification, and in 2012 she was awarded an MA in contemporary dance from the London Contemporary Dance School.

Alan Parkinson

Alan’s Iyengar yoga classes are committed to precision and alignment in the poses to get us strong and keep us well, with strict discipline. Expect exacting instructions, and forthright observations.

Alan has been practising yoga for 25 years and first qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2002. He qualified to teach Junior Intermediate Level 1 Iyengar Yoga in 2008.

Alessandra Margarito

Alessandra is a Pilates teacher with a clear and dynamic teaching style. Her studies of anatomy as well as creative and intuitive approach, give her an understanding of how to ease bodies of all shapes and sizes into feeling energised, relaxed and finding greater freedom of movement.

Alessandra is a qualified Pilates Foundation teacher, and also holds a British Wheel of Yoga accreditation.

Alice Trow

Alice teaches a creative vinyasa flow with a strong focus on anatomy. She crafts her classes as a way of curiously exploring the body’s pathways to find space through interesting sequences. The goal for Alice as a teacher is to offer you an embodied practice of playfulness, awareness and acceptance.

Alice became a yoga teacher after graduating from drama school where she also focused heavily on physical theatre and dance. She did her 200hr training with YogaLondon in Ecuador. She most recently did her 300hr training with Sianna Sherman in Portland, Oregon, in Rasa Yoga.

Ann Collins-Ackroyd

Ann’s approach to ante natal yoga is all about the breath, building strength and stamina in the body, whilst highlighting the need for softness and yielding in the journey of pregnancy and the labouring process. Ann’s classes include different tools incorporated into the yoga session – birth breathing techniques, positions in labour, meditations, and ending the class with stories/insights from amazing Birth practitioners.
Ann has studied with Dr Gowri Motha, the founder of Gentle Birth Method, as well as post natal course with Francoise Friedman, and Well Woman courses with Uma Dinsmore Tuili.

Ashley Jones

Ashley is a compassionate and intuitive teacher with 15+ yrs experience to share.

Her Integrated Kundalini Yoga classes are dynamic, friendly, transformative, fun and delivered with a down to earth approach.

As a life coach and Kundalini yoga teacher trainer Ashley thrives on creating the space for expansion and growth, physically, mentally and spiritually, both on and off the mat. She believes there is a way through every perceived obstacle or block and encourages her students to tap into their full potential.

Brenna Duncan

Passionate about breathwork and how it can radically improve people’s wellbeing, Brenna Duncan is a Transformational Breath® Group Leader, intuitive coach and photographer based in London.

Founder of Arise Breathwork, Brenna facilitates inspiring, down to earth and playful online and in person breathwork sessions to help heal the body, mind and soul.

Using this simple tool (our breath), Brenna guides people to reconnect back to their true selves, tap into their inner joy and forge deeper connections with themselves and others.

Brenna loves bringing people together in community, taking her workshops to festivals, collaborating with other wellbeing practitioners and going into the workplace to share the power of the breath. She’s helped hundreds of people transform their lives and make profound shifts through simply opening up their breath.

Brooke McConochy

Brooke is a fitness teacher with a foundation in Pilates and a love of dance. Expect a strong workout in her Pilates classes, with an hour packed full of exercises.

Having straightened the hunched shoulders of journalists from the NY Times, the LA Times, the Financial Times, The Times of London, The Wall Street Journal, AP, and AFP, Brooke is proud to say many of the journalists of the world stand a little taller thanks to her! She also taught Pilates extensively across Beijing for 5 years, strengthening the core of China’s diplomatic corps and students from various embassies.

Charli livingstone

Charli teaches soulful and dynamic vinyasa flow yoga, rooted in yogic philosophy.

In class you can expect a strong and sweaty, yet slow and breath-led flow. This an effective way to experience deeper intimacy with the self, as well as to build strength and flexibility with awareness and control. She offers hands-on assists (if desired!), opportunities to get playful, and to take deep rest.

Damian Allegretti

Damian Allegretti is a licensed Chinese Medicine practitioner that practices the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, herbal medicine, TuiNa (massage) and QiGong.

In practice, he combines the latest Western scientific research and the long Eastern tradition and wisdom. Through acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle support, Damian empowers patients to understand, improve and maintain health through a very active role.
His expertise in movement analysis additionally stems from many years of training Yoga, Feldenkrais, Horton, YiQuan and Internal Martial Arts like Xing Yi Quan.

Based in London, Damian pursuits his passion: helping people feeling better by improving the quality of life. He strongly believes that health and balance make an intense and meaningful life.

Denise Lyrintzi

Denise has studied ballet and contemporary dance. As a former professional dancer, she has a keen awareness of the body, a great understanding of movement and a solid foundation in technique to ensure people enjoy the workout in a safe environment. She is passionate and fascinated by the many different movement possibilities of the human body.

She has been trained to the international gold standards of STOTT for Pilates and she can offer a multi-discipline approach to improve your strength and flexibility, giving you a space to connect with your own body

Elena Gaddini

Elena teaches vinyasa flow, as well as slower forms of yoga and meditation with a friendly, warm and down-to-earth approach. Her classes are explorative, introspective and challenging in equal measure, encouraging students to cultivate a deep connection to body and breath and a greater sense of present-moment awareness. Elena is committed to inspire a passion for all aspects of yoga and the body in a way that is inclusive, inviting and empowering.

Elena first discovered yoga when moving to London in 2009. She is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered teacher, trained through Yogacampus.

Elsie Martins

Elsie was first introduced to Pilates as a tool for rehabilitation following a back injury, but soon discovered that Pilates did more for her body than she could have imagined: it not only restored balance, but facilitated a leaner, stronger, injury-free and more functional body.  Inspired by the life-changing results she saw in her own body she decided to pursue a career as a Pilates teacher. 
Elsie comprehensively trained across the Pilates apparatus (Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels) with STOTT Pilates; often called the “Ivy League” of Pilates education; recognized around the world for its quality and training excellence. Elsie uses the apparatus, alongside matwork, to help her clients connect with the method, rebalance their bodies, realign and improve their posture, as well as support and challenge their bodies in equal measure.
You’ll find Elsie teaching both Matwork and Reformer; and she’s also available for private sessions using the Pilates Tower.

Eryck Brahmania

Eryck teaches creative and fun Vinyasa Flow classes which focus on precision of alignment and the breath. Drawing upon yogic texts, he ensures students are supported by an uplifting playlist and hands-on assists.

He started practicing yoga as a professional dancer and has completed foundation and advanced trainings with Claire Missingham.

Florentina Lam-Clark

Florentina’s classes are fun, explorative and nourishing with attention to detail in alignment, breath and awareness of felt sensations in the body. She creates sequences that will help you to build strength, stamina and flexibility with some challenge and encourages you to develop your practice according to your pace. Her aim is that you will leave feeling nicely balanced & uplifted, yet relaxed and calm.

Florentina draws inspiration from yogic texts, and her teachers Jason Crandell, Doug Keller, Judith Hanson Lassater and Thich Nat Hanh.


Francesco’s first experience of yoga was when he was living in Milan. After moving to London, he discovered that this practice was helping him find a new path in life. Fascinated by the effects it had on him, he decided to do his 200 hours Foundation Training with The Yoga People. He has now completed an additional 300+ hours of trainings with Good Life Yoga School and Jason Crandell.

Francesco uses postures to practice presence, subtle awareness, strength in the body and resilience in the mind. The classes are filled with challenges and Francesco is making sure that there’s always an option for everyone. He doesn’t believe that there is only one way to do a posture. He loves to practice different disciplines and he’s always looking for new inspiration, bringing elements from other movement practices into his classes.

Huang Ping

Master Huang Ping practices both traditional and modern Wushu such as: various forms of Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Wushu Tao Lu.

Born in Yunnan China, Huang Ping was selected by Yunnan professional Wushu team and began her training at the age of eight under Master Sha Guo Zheng. In 1980 she was chosen to join the National Wushu team in Beijing. In 1994 Huang Ping was invited to Burma to coach the Burma Wushu Team, after a couple of years she returned to China to continue as coach of the Yunnan Wushu Team. Sifu Huang Ping has been based in the UK since 2001.


Giuliana’s teaching style develops around discovering and cultivating body awareness and clarity of mind. It takes inspiration from the Ashtanga yoga tradition, Vinyasa Flow yoga, Kundalini Global yoga, intuitive movement and dance.

In her sessions, she likes to mix traditional yoga poses with soft stretching and postural routines, intuitive movements, pranayama and meditation, with the intention of helping each practitioner experience multiple short and long-term benefits of posture and breathwork.

She aims to create in every session a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing environment where yogis of all levels can learn how to develop their personal practice of yoga and mindfulness. Besides yoga, she’s really passionate about music, art and any practice that involves movement, exploration of the human body and self-expression, and this reflects a lot in her teaching style, from the musical choices to the creativity of each flow.

Iain Spivey

Coach Iain has worked as a personal train for the past 16 years and is local to the stokey area. He has boxed UK and Thai boxed over in Thailand over the past 20 years. He will run you through combinations and motivate you in the class and on the pads and get you kicking into action

Ian Stoneham

After practicing yoga for some time, 5 years ago Ian decided to devote his time to helping others discover the joys of yoga. He has trained in Yin yoga with Sarah Powers and Ashtanga with Richard Freeman. Ian currently teaches Yin, in what he hopes is a simple and direct style with plenty of space for mindful practice.

Isabell Britsch

Isabell teaches yoga, mindfulness and meditation at a senior level, and is also involved in training new teachers.

Her flowing vinyasa yoga classes explore ever changing, imaginative, challenging and fun sequences. They are set in a welcoming and inclusive space weaving in yoga philosophy and pranayama. Connection to the breath, attention to alignment, and encouragement to develop clarity and awareness off the mat are integral to her teaching.

Isabell’s meditation and mindfulness classes emphasise a deepening self awareness and understanding of our internal psychology – our patterns of behaviour and how they influence our lives. Isabell trained with Yogacampus and has been teaching since 2009.

Jayne Miller

Jayne teaches fluid yoga with a strong focus on healthy alignment, inner awareness and playful exploration. She is a warm and lively teacher, encouraging individuals to develop confidence and joy in their yoga, wherever they are.

Introduced to Iyengar yoga at college, Jayne has since explored many styles and traditions from the dynamics of Ashtanga, Shadow and Acro to Restorative Yoga, alongside experimental, somatic movement. Elements of them all are interwoven into her teaching to create energising, yet thoughtful classes. Jayne is continuously evolving her practice and bringing her students along for the ride.

Jemimah Williams-Rumble

Having left a career in medicine after discovering the life-changing power of fitness, Jemimah is as passionate as they come. With over six years of experience, she places a huge focus on attention to form and improving mobility. She encourages a positive mindset and owning your space in the room, so you can push a little further and surprise yourself.

Jemimah’s classes are always a safe space for you to build your confidence, both in and out of the workout. She is also pre and post-natal trained.

Jerome Tracey

Jerome is a Hackney-based PT and Level 1 qualified boxing coach. He grew up with a love of sports and fitness, which has given him the belief that through hard work, consistency and discipline, you can achieve anything you set your mind and body to. 

His classes are a high-energy and give you a full-body workout, backed by a banging playlist. With a focus on building strength, stamina, endurance, and cardio, they’ll empower you to achieve your full potential.

Jerome brings a unique, intense and fun-filled attitude to his classes and 1:1 sessions. He encourages his clients to move out of their comfort zone and loves seeing them with a smile on their face when they see results to their goals.

Jerome is a member of the White Hart Lane Boxing Club, where he instructs large groups of children and prepares young professionals for competitions.

Joelle Green

Joelle teaches a slow creative flow and meditation, integrating clear alignment, breathwork and elements of play to create spaciousness within mind and body.

Having spent her life exploring bodywork disciplines, initially coming to yoga to protect herself from injury whilst touring as a contemporary dancer.

Passionate about current research on embodiment, physiology, mindfulness and creativity Joelle encourages practitioners to be playful and present. She leads a deep soulful practice to stimulate the body’s inherent self-healing and regenerating capacities through improved circulation, range of movement, postural alignment and deep relaxation.

Jules Metzges

Having practised different styles of yoga for more than a decade such as Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Dharma Yoga, Julia hopes to combine the most valuable aspects of those into her dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes, finding the right balance between active engagement and relaxation. With a strong focus on alignment and breath her classes are trying to give each student the right level of challenge according to his or her ability, adjusting and deepening the practise with hands-on assists whenever needed- and hopefully giving the students the chance to evolve and surprise themselves.

Having learned and grown mostly in the Jivamukti method Julia tries to include all aspects of yoga into each class, leaving time and space for pranayama (breathwork), meditation and chanting/ study of scripture beyond the mere physical asana practise.

Karen Long

Karen teaches Iyengar yoga with an emphasis on finding a way to be in the poses with less effort. She feels passionately that yoga is not just a form of exercise but a practice to benefit mind, body and spirit, and that the beauty of Iyengar yoga is that it offers something for everyone.

Karen has been practising yoga for about twenty five years and is a qualified senior Iyengar teacher. Having tried other styles of yoga over the years she felt at home with the clarity and precision of the Iyengar method. Over the years, Karen has taught people of diverse backgrounds, ages and levels. She now lives in Marseille, France, where she teaches from.


Kit is a Personal Trainer; Yoga teacher; Barre and fitness instructor; Contemporary dancer, Choreographer, Composer and Filmmaker. He completed his diploma in dance performance at New Zealand School of Dance in 2017. Since then he has been freelancing in the arts industry and embarked on aligning this alongside his fitness career.

He began teaching Barre after doing training with Barrefigure in 2019. In 2020 he expanded his skillset to encompass a 200hr yoga training at Contemporary Yoga.

Kit has taught at various studios in Auckland, New Zealand. He undertook his UK based Level 3 CIMSPA Personal Training certification in anticipation for his recent move to London.

Kit is super passionate about creating a fun and hard working environment whilst empowering people to integrate more awareness of the power of movement in their everyday life.

Liz Rigby

Iyengar yoga teacher Liz creates a calm environment in her classes for her students to focus and develop their practice at a steady pace. She is clear, precise, and aims to build students’ knowledge and confidence to practice at home.

Liz has been studying Iyengar yoga for over 25 years and teaching Iyengar yoga since 2005. She holds a junior three intermediate teaching certificate. Liz feels the Iyengar system offers a healthy balance between dynamic and restorative poses, with a focus on working without injury.

Marco Cannavo

Originally from Italy, Marco started practising yoga in the early nineties and has been teaching since 1997 both in East London and at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Maida Vale.

He has also visited Pune India several times to study with the Iyengar family. Marco is passionate about the Iyengar approach to yoga, he holds the Senior 2 certificate and is an assessor of trainee teachers for the UK Iyengar Yoga association.

Paul Jackson

Paul started attending yoga classes to help with his posture for meditation. Wanting to go deeper into his practice, he trained at the Iyengar Yoga Institute Maida Vale and qualified as a teacher in 2019. He particularly resonates with the method’s precision and attention to detail.

Through his engagement with all aspects of yoga, he has witnessed its transformative power. He seeks to share this passion with his students. His calm, focused teaching style combines precise instruction and explanation with clear demonstration. In his classes you can expect challenging physical work followed by deep relaxation with attention to the more subtle levels of yoga practice

Reagan Rockers

Reagan offers a soulful practice, encouraging mindful movement and connection to the breath. Her classes focus on inclusivity and body awareness, offering a dynamic practice for you to build upon each week or strip back to a more restorative introspection, empowering you to create your own experience. Reagan also teaches yoga nidra, guided relaxations and pranayama, to harness embodied self-awareness.

Having received specialised training in prenatal and postnatal yoga under Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Reagan’s intention is to nurture and support mothers throughout their mothering journey.

Roberto Rubalcava

Roberto was born in Mexico City, surrounded by light and colour. He moved to London in 1998 and discovered his love for yoga. 

His extensive experience is varied by influences, which are displayed and explored in his classes. Whether you are upside down in a fast-paced dynamic flow or completely still in a restorative class, you will be in attentive and caring hands. Expect a focus on body alignment, breath, mind, heart and energy with challenging and original sequences.

His training include 200-hour YTT with Frog Lotus Yoga International, a Vajrasati 500-hour advanced training on Modern Postural Yoga, a 150-hour advanced training with Stretch and a 50-hour advanced training with Emily Claire-Hill.

Having professional experience in therapeutic massage and reiki, in 2019 Roberto qualified in Japan directly from Yu Yagami creator of Jiriki Seitai making him the first non Japanese navigator to teach in the UK.

Roberto Regueiro Santiago

Roberto Natural Movement sessions are focused on the understanding of the core principles of human movement. After 2 mentorships and 6 years studying the Fighting Monkey research became the only Fighting Monkey instructor in the UK.

He also has a strong background in Parkour, Rowing, Judo and Breakdancing all together crafts in his sessions where frustration, fun, exploration and creativity are holding hands.

Roula Andari

Roula was introduced to Pilates years ago after suffering a knee and hip injury. Feeling the benefits not just to the injuries but also to her posture, strength and mobility she was so hooked that she decided to train as a Pilates teacher to share those benefits with others.
Roula is passionate about the Pilates method and how its effectiveness lasts beyond class, in every day life and activities. She teaches functional and accessible Pilates, encouraging mind-body connection and awareness to promote a better alignment for ease of movement in and out of class.

She qualified in level 3 Matwork with Body Control Pilates and is a member of the Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA).

Sara Lawlor

In Sara’s classes you can expect a flowing, dynamic vinyasa practice, with strong emphasis on the breath and personal intention.

She first began her yoga journey as a complement to other forms of exercise, starting with the intensity and sweaty physicality of Hot Yoga, and through the years moving to a softer, more fluid style, which led to a deeper self-connection in her practice.

Sara completed her first 200 hour in Hatha Vinyasa with Talia Sutra and Tony Lupinacci, and since has continued to study with her beloved teacher Daniela Garza Rios – who she has completed trainings with in Mandala Vinyasa, Yin, Thai Yoga Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Elements Theory. 

Her classes offer an intuitive and fluid exploration, weaving the structure and discipline of traditional yoga sequences and postures into the creative, embodied nature of vinyasa flow. 

Shira Hess

Shira’s vinyasa flow classes offer carefully designed, progressively complex sequences, inspired by yogic philosophy. Expect to sweat and work hard. Nourishing hands-on assists will help you access deeper forms of each pose and are a vital part of her classes, along with pranayama (breath exercises) and mantras.

Shira trained with Claire Missingham and her teaching remains deeply rooted in her powerful approach to vinyasa flow. What guides Shira as a teacher and as an eternal, humble student is the deep belief that yoga is a tool and catalyst for growth.

Symeon Kyriakopoulos

Symeon teaches dynamic yet detailed Pilates classes, with emphasis on practicing safely and accurately while encouraging the mind-body connection. Expect focus on fundamental biomechanic principles and on the breath, and feedback so that everyone can master the exercises and make effective choices for their bodies inside and outside of class.

Symeon is a London based choreographer and a Certified Stott Pilates instructor. He draws from various areas of knowledge (exercise science, biomechanics, dance, massage) to deliver Pilates classes where everyone can master the exercises and benefit fully from them.

Tiffany Hamilton-Atkins

Tiffany is a yoga and movement teacher, writer, poet and spiritual seeker. She is a dedicated student of the energetics of yoga – specifically learning how this modality can create soul-expanding change in our modern lives.

Tiffany’s classes use creative flows, with a strong focus on embodiment, to challenge, uplift and empower the practitioner in their practice

Tony Marcus

Tony Marcus teaches relaxed yoga that owes as much as possible to traditonal Hatha practice. His classes are calm and postures are explored in a non-ambitious manner.

Tony has been practicing yoga since the mid 90s and studied with many great teachers including Michaela Clark, Cassandra Tyler, David Swenson, Catherine Annis, John Stirk, Anna Ashby and Joey Miles.

He believes yoga is a way to inner peace and teaches with that understanding.

Valentina Fruzzetti

As well as being a Pilates teacher, Valentina was a professional dancer, dance teacher and artistic director.

Valentina is a passionate, energetic and experienced teacher with a great track record of improving her client’s knowledge and understanding of Pilates. She is results orientated and dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards.

“Pilates is learning how to move the body in the best way possible and my mission is to enable all of my clients to increase their connection to their bodies and to healthy movement. I aim to inspire passion, to share my passion and knowledge and learn from everybody I meet.”

Valentina qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2016 and also has a Body Control Pilates Matwork Master Certification. Valentina holds a Reformer Pilates as well as Chair and Cadillac Certification and is pre and post natal Pilates qualified.

Valentina Salaris

Valentina is a long term yoga practitioner with interests in yoga philosophy and mysticism. When she met the Iyengar yoga method, it was love at first sight as the disciplined and structured system lead her to reshape all aspects of her life.

Valentina’s classes are explorative and energetic.  She teaches with precise instructions, maintaining the environment fun, focused and welcoming. Her goal is to inspire students to improve their wellness and to achieve inner balance. 


Victoria Rock is an experienced Mat & Reformer Pilates (STOTT) instructor and Personal Trainer (Nasm) based in East London. She also specialises in pre and post natal, as well as exercise for mental health and orthopaedic needs.

Victoria is all about optimum functionality of bodies, of breathing the right way, of mending and maintaining for longevity, and delivering friendly and inclusive classes that are both interesting and challenging for everyone that attends. 


Vincente was first initiated to Pilates while working at one of the biggest dance companies in Canada.

After sustaining an injury whilst running, she started to practice on the reformer. By the time she recovered, she was hooked! Pilates has helped her improve her performance and to find balance and coordination in her everyday life. It was through these body discoveries that she realized she wanted to share her passion for Pilates with others and went on to receive her Mat and Reformer Pilates training certifications with Polestar.

She also holds a Pre and Postnatal certification from APPI.

Vincente has a wealth of experience in working with injuries, particularly hip and knee.

Zo Rahm

Zo Rahm is an Indian raised in Sweden, he came to yoga for the physical benefits and after some steady practice found it to have changed his entire life, not just his physique, and led him to reconnect with his Eastern roots.

Since 2017 Zo has been sharing the techniques and gems of yoga with others, hoping they will get the same benefits to body and mind. In Zo’s classes, you can expect a blend of the traditional aspects of yoga and mindfulness applied to the modern world.

Zo creates and curates his music in a 4beat-style where physically demanding sequences are combined with breath awareness and cultivation of inner stillness. You can find him for Yogahome teaching All levels Rocket inspired Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.


Amy Conway

Amy is a qualified facialist and fully insured member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC).

Amy takes a holistic approach to facials, with stimulating lymphatic drainage, carefully selected natural skincare, and the magic healing power of touch.

Caroline Bozkurt

Life has strange twists and turns. Knowing nothing about shiatsu, Caroline attended a workshop out of curiosity.

There she was introduced to the idea of our health being reflected in the balance of our energy, and feeling the presence of that energy under her hands in another person’s body, she was hooked.

After three years of study at the British School of Shiatsu- do in London, Caroline qualified as a shiatsu practitioner in 1998. She has run a busy practice at Yogahome and a range of other settings, ever since.

Emanuela Celletti

Emanuela qualified in Thai Yoga Massage with Kira Balaskas at The School of Thai Yoga Massage in London in May 2019. Since then, she travelled to Thailand to refine her understanding of the theory and practice of Thai Yoga Massage by attending a variety of courses, including one on Reusi Datton at Wat Po Thai Traditional Medicine School in Bangkok, and other courses in Chiang Mai. 

Her experience as a yoga teacher feeds seamlessly into her thai massage practice, which can be described as a moving meditation through acupressure and applied stretches. Emanuela likes to emphasise the meditative aspects of the treatment. Her long-term interest in and continuous study of mindbody awareness practices means she takes great care to work with the client’s individual needs to provide a healing experience of deep relaxation.


Eppie is a massage therapist and Active Birth teacher. She holds an ITEC Level 3 diploma in Holistic Massage and ITEC Level 4 diploma in Sports Massage. She trained as a therapist at The Richdales
Institute and later qualified as a childbirth practitioner under Janet Balaskas at The Active Birth Centre.

Eppie specialises in holistic and remedial deep tissue massage, as well as bespoke pregnancy and postnatal treatments. She is passionate about holistic wellness and perinatal health and her approach to bodywork is compassionate, intuitive and trauma-informed.

Eppie has worked with many women during the perinatal period and offers massage therapy centered around the physiology of pregnancy and birth in an empowering, nurturing and inclusive

Eppie offers thorough and careful consultations before devising both restorative and remedial treatments aimed at alleviating or preventing injury, soothing discomfort, addressing postural imbalances or simply providing deep relaxation and nourishment.

Florentina Lam-Clark

Flo is a professionally qualified practitioner in holistic therapies with over 20 years experience. She is passionate about holistic health and wellbeing and progressing her studies and knowledge. 

Flo takes a holistic approach in her work, considering the impact that a particular condition, stress or injury may have on body, mind and spirit. The massage she provide is often a fusion of healing, meditation, aromatherapy to delight the senses, zero balancing to stretch, align and integrate physical and energy aspects of being, reflex point work to access nerve and energy pathways, a meld of slow, deep and soothing massage techniques to work mindfully and powerfully on all levels of being.

Florentina practices the following therapies at Yogahome: aromatherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, reflexology and zero gravity.

Ian Stoneham

A soft tissue therapist with years of experience in sports and deep tissue massage, Ian helps his clients treat pain, restore optimal movement and relax and unwind. He draws on his experiences as a qualified yoga instructor to help you continue to reap the benefits of your massage, by providing exercises to stretch and strengthen your body.

He has grown a client base that includes many yoga practitioners, and has particular knowledge of injuries commonly sustained in yoga (having had many of these himself). Whether you’re recovering from a soft tissue injury or just looking to be renewed, rejuvenated, and restored, you can expect a treatment tailored to the specific needs of your body, and with long lasting benefits.

Ilaria Bucchieri

Ilaria specialises in holistic, sports and remedial massage, Ayurvedic and Indian head massage, manual lymphatic drainage, acupressure therapy, myofascial release, pregnancy and post-natal massage and is an Access Bars facilitator.

Trained as an Ayurvedic and panchakarma therapist in Kerala, India in 2009, Ilaria practices traditional Ayurvedic treatments and also a fusion of Western and eastern techniques and can deliver a strong massage, but also a soft touch that goes very deep. Manual Lymphatic drainage has been a very important part of Ilaria’s practice, and has led her to work more specifically with clients in post cancer rehabilitation. After her training in Myofascial therapy, Ilaria discovered how to use an extremely gentle approach that can have very profound and long lasting effects on postural discomforts caused by both mechanical and emotional blockages. 

Passionate and intuitive, Ilaria combines all her expertise, creating very nourishing and therapeutic treatments, always aiming to bring the receiver’s awareness into finding the cause of their discomfort.

Advice on self-care is always given after a session, to enhance the effects of the treatments.
Ilaria is a registered member of the CTHa – Complimentary Therapists’s Association.

Joelle Green

Joelle has spent the majority of her life dedicated to exploring bodywork disciplines; such as Contemporary Dance, Sports and Yoga, bringing this experience to her work as a Massage Therapist. With excellent knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, combined with her understanding of the body as a living, breathing, changeable whole, she endeavours to create a deep and harmonious rebalancing of the bodily tissues and systems.

Through her continuing passion for kinesiology she hopes to nurture true embodiment where clients are relieved of held tensions and congestion, coming away with a tangible freedom of movement within mind and body.

Four years spent at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance gave her a wealth of understanding on the body, injury prevention and treatment, training professionally in Thai Fusion, Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Drainage Massage in 2017-18 with the excellent Spike Warwick.

Karina Messer

Karina obtained her first ITEC diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Holistic massage in 1998, followed by a diploma in Sports massage and extensive training in Ayurvedic massage, Thai Yoga bodywork, Reiki, other bodywork techniques and dance. More recently she trained in Chavutti Thirumal or “Massage by Foot Pressure” in India.

Using her skills with compassion, mindfulness and positive intention, Karina likes to encourage the receiver to let go and surrender to receiving – just observing, to achieve a state of peaceful harmony.

Kitt Price

The shiatsu that Kitt offers draws on multiple approaches to holistic wellbeing.

The basis of their practice is I Chuan Chi Kung (also known as Qi Gong), a form of standing meditation that rebalances and strengthens the system in ways that are extended to the client receiving a shiatsu treatment.

The practice of Shiatsu Shin Tai enables Kitt to initiate physical and emotional realignment via redistribution of breath and life force through the client’s system.

Training in Zen Shiatsu allows Kitt to bring a blend of East Asian medicine and western physiology and psychology to the client’s diagnosis and treatment.

Kitt has experience of working with clients who are managing issues such as embodied trauma, bereavement, realisation of life and career goals, burnout, and digestive issues.

They are committed to bodywork practice that is trans inclusive, and welcome clients of all genders and orientations. Kitt is also committed to making bodywork more accessible and enjoyable for larger bodied people. They recognise that holistic wellbeing services can be very white dominated, and appreciate that this can create additional barriers for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

Naoko Taoka

Naoko began her journey of holistic trainings 20 years ago. She has a background in Naturopathy and is also a qualified Classical Chinese herbalist.
In her practice she uses a combination of modalities including Tuina massage, cupping, moxibustion and acupuncture needles. Acupuncture is effective for a variety of ailments, including aches and pains, anxiety, depression, stress related symptoms, menstrual irregularity, optimising fertility, oncology support, and all those obscure complaints where you may have tried everything. Depending on the treated condition, Naoko may recommend some herbal treatments and offer some advice on diet and lifestyle.

Rebecca Keane

Rebecca studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (London), She’s a member of BANT (British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine), ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).

She works closely with each client in order to understand individuals health concerns and end goals. Using a functional medicine and naturopathic framework, her aim is to find the root cause of an illness or condition making these end goals both practical and achievable. By establishing where nutritional imbalances stem from Rebecca can treat and advise on solutions.

An advocate for living a healthy and holistic lifestyle, Rebecca feels her own health journey led to a special interest in women’s hormonal health and gut health. She has seen a positive impact on her own health, which in turn has encouraged her to support others. The goal being not only to help clients eat well and enjoy food, but to inspire them to find wellness and restoration of good health.

Rebecca regularly attends CPD events, such as workshops, webinars, and seminars to keep up to date with the ever-evolving world of science in nutrition, so she can share this wealth of information with her clients. When she’s not in her clinic you can find her in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, and sharing them with friends, family, clients, and via her blog.

Sam Dickson

Sam works with people from every walk of life to feel more at ease with themselves and their emotions, more in touch with the intelligence of their own bodies and in developing a greater sense of meaning in their lives.

He is experienced in supporting people with issues including anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, trauma, lack of self-esteem and self-worth, breaking through limiting beliefs and thought patterns, clarifying life purpose as well as relationship issues and physical injury, pain and illness.


Psychology Degree | Masters Degree | Touch For Health Kinesiology | Spiritual Counselling | Meditation Teacher | Energy Healing & Ascension Reiki


The Complementary Medical Association| The School of Intuition & Healing | School of Natural Health Sciences | Kinesiology Federation | Intuity International

Scarlett Perdereau

Scarlett is a professional contemporary dancer-choreographer and dance, movement, and yoga teacher, with over 20 years experience training and working with the body. She has taught many classes and workshops over the years, including to bespoke groups and 1-to-1 clients, with a technical and somatic approach, and a firm belief in the connection between body and mind. You’ll also find her in the office as part of the team at Yogahome!

She came to stretch therapy as a natural extension of her existing practice, and found Dynamic Assisted Stretching an adaptable, effective method that she is keen to share. She trained and qualified through the London School of Massage, approved by the Complementary Medical Association, International Guild of Complementary Therapists, and International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Suprina Hilaire

Suprina is a qualified facialist and skincare formulator. She is a fully insured member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC).

She offers a unique treatment to each client and has trained with celebrity facial Abigail James. Suprina believes in a holistic approach to beauty, and her holistic facials are designed to treat the skin from the inside out, using natural and organic ingredients, which she formulates herself as part of her skincare brand MSA Skincare.