Our Boutique Personal Training Studio Is Open!

Our Boutique Personal Training Studio Is Open!

Our brand new boutique Personal training Studio is open!

We are soft launching the space between the 1st and the 22nd of December, offering 13 sessions per week focused on either lower body, upper body or full body workouts, with three different instructors and more to come in January.

So get involved and either:

Try out a class for £20


Get 3 classes for only £40!

Our boutique PT space is designed to suit those who aren’t a fan of regular gyms, and are looking for a more relaxed and friendly environment.

With a maximum of 6 people, and plenty of 1-1 attention, sessions have been scheduled throughout the week on mornings and evenings  to accommodate all levels of experience and ability. Jerome, Elena and Iain will be leading all sessions in December. 

If you have attended any of their studio classes you might be already familiar with their warm and welcoming attitude!

With our scheduled classes, you’ll get the personal attention of our instructors at a fraction of the cost of personal training on a one-to-one basis. All whilst enjoying a non-intimidating and supportive environment!

Sessions are planned in the form of gym circuits, focusing on either upper, lower or full body workouts. If you already attend classes at Yogahome, they’ll be a perfect complement to your routine!

Expect to make use of the equipment our gym has to offer to combine bodyweight, resistance & weight training as well as strength and cardio for maximum effect.

Check out the schedule below and follow the link to book your first class!