Mandala Vinyasa Pop Up Series

Mandala Vinyasa Pop Up Series


We are launching a series of pop up Masterclasses with Sara Lawlor, once a month, for a deep dive into the Mandala Vinyasa system.

This 5 part series will journey through the 5 elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – Water, Metal, Wood, Earth and Fire.

The sessions will run one Friday per month, 6:30-8pm, and will be included in all memberships and class packs.

Mandala Vinyasa is fluid, cyclical and intention-led. You can expect a well rounded practice that explores guided meditation, breath-work, mandala vinyasa and yin or restorative practices to close. This is a beautiful opportunity and space to dedicate a longer chunk of time to your practice, and journey into the world of Mandala.


Friday 9th February – Water
A 90 minute Mandala special – a deep dive into the element of water – through meditation, breath-work, fluid mandala vinyasa, yin practices and deep rest.

Water reflects the depth and flow of life, and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is related to the season of winter. The space and stillness of winter gives us the needed energy, vision and purpose to bloom into spring.

Friday 15th March – Metal
A 90 minute Mandala special – exploring the element of Metal – through meditation, breath-work, mandala vinyasa, yin practices and deep rest.

The metal element is all about refinement and letting go of what is not is no longer necessary to hold on to. It brings an energy that encourages reflection and the embracing of change and growth.

Friday 19th April – Wood
A 90 minute Mandala special – exploring the season of Spring and the element of Wood. Through meditation, breathwork, mandala vinyasa and yin to close, we will energetically clear out, freshen up and plant our seeds of intention! In TCM, the wood element relates to the Liver – which some consider to be ’the grand architect’ for our vision and dreams of the future.

Spring, and the element of Wood, represents growth and renewal, the inner voice encouraging us to get out there, open our windows to the fresh spring air, step into our dreams and bloom!

Friday 17th May – Earth
Join Sara on May 17, for a 90 minute Mandala special – grounding into the Earth element – through meditation, breath-work, mandala vinyasa, yin practices and deep rest.

The Earth element brings a nurturing energy that makes us feel cosy and connected. It represents the ability to fully digest life’s happenings and to find the beneficial aspects within every experience. Earth invites us to feel complete and full as we are.

Friday 7th June – Fire
A 90 minute Mandala special. Summer relates to the element of Fire, and fire is all about JOY! It’s a time of love, community, socialising, feeling energised and uplifted.

The Fire element, when in balance, gives us the ability to give and receive with love. To be in our most authentic, confident and expressive selves. It’s time to step into the joy body. In this session you can expect a joyful 90 minutes of mandala vinyasa to harness the energy of summer and remind yourself of your inner fire.

In TCM, the fire element relates to the heart and small intestine – so on a physical level we will explore heart openers and twists to create space and build heat.