“Yogahome has been a safe haven in Hackney”.  – Hackney Social Prescriber

Over the last year, we have continued to support Hackney’s diverse communities, offering yoga, meditation, movement and boxing classes free of charge.

The proceeds from our studio, including classes, therapies and space hire, fund and facilitate our charitable work. 

Thank you for your continued support!


Partnership with Social Prescribing Hackney

Since June 2021 we have been working with Social Prescribers, Wellbeing Co-ordinators and mental health practitioners in Hackney to offer this free weekly session. They refer to us people who are dealing with the impact of isolation, mental health conditions, chronic pain and chronic fatigue. We have developed a mixed modality format that includes specifically designed gentle movement and stretching exercises, breathing techniques and guided rest accompanied by sound healing. This unique mix is geared towards strengthening the body and helping participants handle symptoms with more resilience to ultimately improve wellbeing and encourage living more joyfully. So far we have reached around 100 people and delivered over 130 sessions. We are now also contributing to an evaluation project with Social Prescribers Hackney and University of East London to measure the impact of wellbeing provision on this target group. 

“When other doors to services have been closed for some patients, Yogahome has always been open. Some of our most complex patients, who struggle to access services for long-term support, find that Yogahome provides them with a moment to pause and reflect when life around them feels out of control”. – Hackney Social prescriber

Partnership with St Paul’s Church West Hackney

Since February 2023, we have been working with St Paul’s Church West Hackney, targeting their over 60’s communities. We run a weekly session of combined modalities including: chair yoga for strength and agility followed by a short meditation and breathing exercises and closing with some tea and a chat. All geared to reduce isolation and strengthen the body and mind to ensure participants can live independently for longer. This strand is funded by Yogahome with space and refreshments offered in-kind by the Church.

Carers of children with special education needs 

This year we have also returned to work with the neighbouring Garden School and other Hackney Schools with SEN provision. 

We offer carers and parents with children with additional needs a free weekly session to give a little respite and relief, as well as a good stretch! Working on both strengthening and relaxing, one of the participants said that going to Yogahome gives me something to look forward to. It helps me understand my body, especially with the breathing exercises, which I use everyday in my stressful life”.

Boxing in Leaways School

Over the past year we have delivered a boxing programme at a Hackney school for young people with SEMH, ADHD and Autism. Often taken with members of staff, this high energy session strengthens connections between staff and pupils and offers a space to release tension and bond as well as significantly increase participants’ confidence.

“The boxing sessions have had a great impact on the children’s levels of happiness, confidence and work ethic and provide way more than health benefits! They enable children with additional needs to access an environment and experience they would usually not be able to” – The School’s Pastoral & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Shoreditch Trust 

We offer a free monthly session of yoga for their Mums and Bumps group of refugee and new arrival clients. Often delivered with the children, this is a joyous session to stretch, relax and strengthen giving the mums a rare opportunity to take some time for themselves. 

Turning Point 

This is a new partnership with an addiction recovery centre in Hackney. We are trialling yoga sessions for their client base beginning in April 2024. 

Women survivors of violence

This year we have worked with Hestia and the Latin American Women Aid to offer a number of free sessions for their clients. Aimed to strength and reclaim a sense of independence, these sessions used our mixed modality format including a range of techniques to support healing and wellbeing of both body and mind. 


If you would like to partner with Yogahome to bring the benefits of yoga to people in need in Hackney, or you know an individual who would benefit from our activities, please contact Shira Hess .