Personal Training

Our Personal Training space is designed to suit those who aren’t a fan of regular gyms, and are looking for a more relaxed and friendly environment.

We offer a variety of small group personal training classes that, with a maximum of 5 people and plenty of 1-1 attention, are designed to accommodate all levels of experience and ability.

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Our Small Group Personal Training classes take place throughout the week. With a maximum of 5 people, and plenty of 1-1 attention, sessions have been designed to accommodate all levels of experience and ability.

With our Small Group PT, you’ll get the personal attention of our instructors at a fraction of the cost of personal training on a one-to-one basis. All whilst enjoying a non-intimidating and supportive environment!

Sessions are planned in the form of gym circuits, focusing on either upper, lower or full body workouts. If you already attend classes at Yogahome, they’ll be a perfect complement to your routine!

Expect to make use of the equipment our gym has to offer to combine bodyweight, resistance & weight training as well as strength and cardio for maximum effect.


Personal training offers a personalised approach to fitness that can help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

Every Personal Training session is completely catered towards your individual goals whether that’s weight loss/gain, building muscle, build more confidence in the gym, injury prevention/rehabilitation, sport specific strength & conditioning, health specialist advice or other. Whatever your goals, whatever your needs, our trainers will use their knowledge and expertise to help you get the best from yourself and the programme.

We offer personal training on a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3+ groups. This way you can attend your personal training sessions independently or together with your partner/friends/colleagues.


Boxing is a unique fitness training method that combines strength, endurance, and agility into a high-energy aerobic workout. It involves a series of movements, including punches, footwork and defensive techniques, contributing to improved coordination and balance. Its high-intensity nature makes it an effective method for burning calories, increasing cardiovascular fitness, and enhancing overall body strength. Moreover, boxing requires mental concentration and strategic thinking, offering a holistic approach to fitness that stimulates both the body and mind. 

Adding boxing to your personal training sessions can bring numerous benefits to your fitness. From improving cardiovascular health and building strength to reducing stress and boosting confidence. The dynamic movements, agility drills, and high-intensity intervals involved in boxing training will help you develop coordination, speed, and endurance. Moreover, the mental focus required during boxing sessions can improve concentration and discipline, both inside and outside of the training sessions. Additionally, the stress-relieving aspect of boxing can have a positive impact on your mental well-being, promoting a sense of empowerment and inner strength. 

Whether you are working towards a specific goal, or whether you just want to learn a better technique before attending our studio classes, 1:1 Boxing sessions are for you.