Strength Fitness & Movement


BoxFit is a cardio workout based on the training used for boxing focusing on toning and fitness.

Every class consists of varying workout combinations including pacey warm ups, high intensity cardio, shadow boxing, 1:1 padwork combinations and drills, core conditioning, strengthening & circuit training, plus a generous stretch to cool down that will leave you feeling rewarded!

Prepare to work up a sweat, get the heart pumping, build on your stamina and agility and whip out some boxing moves, all to some good energising tunes!

Our Boxfit classes are suitable for everyone and all fitness levels, no previous experience of boxing necessary.

*** We recommend bringing a bottle and water and a towel to the session ***


Our Boxing Skills class, focuses on boxing technique whilst delivering a full body conditioning workout.

You will cover the essential elements of boxing: refining your stance and punching technique, improving your footwork, while also focusing on defence and the level of physical fitness required to be a boxer!

By taking part in these sessions, you will learn specific boxing combinations whilst achieving a phenomenal cardio workout.

This class is for both those who are starting from scratch, and for those who wish to develop their boxing skills a little further.


A 45 minute blend of conditioning and weight training designed to tone your muscles, improve your balance and core strength and work your entire body in one continuous flow. You will move with precision and purpose through sequences created to target specific muscle groups.

These classes are a great way to support your regular practice and also to switch things up if you’re looking for a fun, productive break from traditional yoga classes. 

You will be moving through some familiar poses, but using light ankle weights and added resistance. So expect to work hard and build up a sweat!


Flip your perspective and take flight! In this handstand-focussed class expect to prepare the whole body to get up-side down safely, build strength, stability and body awareness, learn techniques and drills and have some playtime.

We will often use props, which may include the wall, and sometimes with partners, to work on a variety of handstands, whether you are just gaining the courage to get up-side down, or working towards holding a straight line or a press handstand.


Conquer your fears and play at inverting with the help, guidance and support of our expert teachers!

In this class we focus on building blocks and foundations to create strength and stability, so that you can learn to practice inversions with confidence.

Get ready to get warm with conditioning exercises targeting upper body and core strength, before exploring various approaches to and progressions of inverted postures, such as headstand, forearm balance and handstands.

This class is suitable for all levels but some previous experience of Yoga practice and inversions is recommended.


In this kickboxing fitness class you can expect a full body workout that will get the blood flowing and heart pumping.

Shadow boxing, body weight circuits, focus pads and bag work. 

Come and have fun, learn something new and have a great workout with a team. Our kickboxing classes are suitable for everyone and all fitness levels, no previous experience of boxing necessary.

Natural movement

Natural movement is a fitness training system based on the full range of natural human movement skills. We strive for effectiveness, efficiency and adaptability through a combination of movement skills, conditioning and mindset.

The Natural Movement classes are game-based and inspired by the Fighting Monkey research, which explores the many different principles of Human Movement in a fun and enjoyable way, bringing longevity to the practice.

The motto is: Enjoy more, Move better, Last longer!

Expect an hour of non-stop movement, inclusive of partner games, creative tasks and plenty of crawling.

The set of skills you will learn can help restore the natural flow of movement in your day-to-day life. The more of the techniques you master, the more fit but also skilled you become. Learning these new skills challenges mind and body in ways you never thought possible.


The class consists of an hour long all round approach to movement focusing on cardio, strength and conditioning.

Starting off with breathwork and movement flow to warm the body up before stepping into the main workout. The class will be a mixture of strength, cardio, high intensity and lots of energy.

Expect sweat and hard work! Empowering others to move well, feel strong and increase the heart rate.

Open to all levels- everyone’s welcome.

Tai chi

Tai chi is a traditional Chinese martial art involving movements and techniques for practical applications such as self-defence.

Led by the one and only Master Ping Huang, this slow, soft and flowing practice is a great way to cultivate both physical fitness and calm focus.

Tai chi is accessible to a wide range of people thanks to its elegant form, structured to take the practitioner from simpler movements into more complex ones step-by-step, through repetition.


Qi Gong is a system of gentle exercises that work as the ‘physical therapy’ of Chinese medicine.

The exercises focus on the breath, the internal dynamics and alignments of the body and the circulation of Qi (energy).

Scientific research has found that Qi Gong can help improve balance, bone density, depression and anxiety, immune system and inflammation, cardiovascular health and lung function.

This class is open to all, no previous experience required.



Discover your body, expand your movement and let loose!

This class offers a hybrid system of self-development utilising music, movement, and positive feelings about our bodies.
The practice seeks to promote the ability to make a holistic link to oneself and one’s sensations and to express them.

Fusing contemporary dance elements with disco and somatic work, with the aim to free the body, increase inner awareness, mobility and share this joyful space with others. The sessions are aimed for people from all walks of life.

No experiences needed but the love for moving!

Reset Private Session

A Personalised Somatic Movement Experience.

Reset 1:1 offers a distinctive and personalised movement experience deeply rooted in gentle somatic and dance practices, breathwork, and observation techniques. These one-on-one sessions create a dedicated space for your self-care and embodied attention.

This somatic movement method aims to reconnect and enhance well-being through skill-building, slow circular movements, and strength training.

These sessions offer personal growth opportunities on multiple levels, addressing feelings of dis-embodiment, nostalgia for past movement, or dissatisfaction with how you inhabit your body in the present. As your journey unfolds in these movement based sessions, you will discover easy ways to move your body more freely and comfortably, liberating yourself from judgment. You will grow and learn new skills and confidence through each session, establishing a foundation for ongoing self-care and may experience reduced stress and increased happiness as you uncover simple relaxation techniques, fostering a profound connection to your body and inner rhythms by tapping into joy through movement.”

Common issues brought to these sessions include:

  • feelings of disembodiment
  • stress
  • postnatal concerns
  • anxiety
  • significant life transitions
  • challenges in grounding
  • difficulty slowing down.

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