About Yogahome

Yogahome offers on average 77 classes a week in Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Kid’s Ballet and even Zumba! We also offer a variety of therapies and one to one sessions.

Founded in 1998, Yogahome is a friendly, relaxed centre where people can come and try something new or develop their practice further. We are easily reached from Stoke Newington, Hackney, Dalston and Islington. Set up and run by Maria Gandy and Billie Chan (right).

Yogahome is a registered charity (reg no. 1119260) and offers yoga classes and therapeutic massage to a range of schools and community groups in Hackney. These classes are funded entirely by Yogahome and are free to the receiving organisation.

Current charitable projects include:

Yoga and massage for the Elderly at:
Ashley Court N16
Benabo Court E8
Thirlmere House N16
Morel Court E2
Adelaide Court E9
Limetree Court, Plumpton Lodge and Cohen Lodge E5.

Yoga for special educational needs children at:
Evering Road Playgroup E5.

Yoga and massage for carers in a special educational needs setting at:
The Garden School N16.

Yoga for schools:
Petchey Academy E8
Our Lady and St Joseph's RC Primary N1
Clapton Girls Academy E5
Baden Powell Primary School E5
Holmleigh Primary School N16

"It's such an amazing offer for schools in Hackney it really is fantastic that Yogahome has this offering. I salute you!" - Esme Daly

If you know of a group or organisation in Hackney that you think could benefit let us know!

We are at Lightsite, 14 Allen Road, N16 8SD.
There are two studios:
Studio 1: this is our large downstairs studio with a capacity of approximately 28 people
Studio 2: this is our smaller upstairs studio with a capacity of approximately 18 people.

Mission Statement

Making a happy feeling in our hidden inner city oasis of calm, with yoga, Pilates, dance and therapies.


“I love Yogahome's space. When I am in the studio, it is my happy place and all is right in the world. Everyone that works there is so friendly and the prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the classes and the location. Thank you!”

- Amy Baker

"Yogahome is a unique place with special spirit that has been as healing for me as the practice itself."
- Anna Termite

"This is a proper yoga center, not the gym which you commonly find around London. Home environment, wooden structure and great teachers offering a variety of classes, from dynamic power yoga to alignments and meditation. I Love this Place…!!"
- Nick Toledo

"This has been a great introduction to yoga. I've tried other yoga classes before but Yogahome is the only place I've felt truly at ease, totally comfortable and unselfconscious, allowing me to try yoga without feeling embarrassed by my lack of knowledge/ability. I think it's a combination of the inviting space and the loveliest of instructors. Thank you so much!"
- Natasha Linskill

"I have really enjoyed learning some new styles from your very competent yoga teachers. I like your laid back and unpretentious approach."
- Diane Ambida

"I have enjoyed the classes at Yogahome tremendously. This place is a little gem…"
- Kasia Lesiuk

"Yogahome, my place of tranquility!"
- Anna Dunkley

"Thank you for the lovely and warm atmosphere of Yogahome! I’ve been a member for about a year and a half now and this really is an important community for me."
- Anni Korkman

"Your centre is really impressive - my best find this year, certainly."
- Mark Todd

"Yogahome is one of my favourite things about stokey!"
- Leanne Dronfield

"I must say, all your teachers are individually outstanding, each one is almost impossibly better than the next! Thank you!"
- Aoife C

"I have really enjoyed my membership at Yogahome, it has been such a wonderful haven and I hope I can find somewhere with even half the atmosphere and quality of teaching in Dublin!"
- Lizzie O'Brien

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