Hypnobirthing and massage techniques, by Kirsty Gallacher

I trained in hypnobirthing a number of years ago with Katharine Graves and perhaps without realising it you will already be familiar with some of the principles and techniques of hypnobirthing, as it complements yoga very well and I draw on it in my pregnancy yoga teaching. I've been working and designing my own course, with a clear introduction and explanation of hypnobirthing, along with the benefits, and what you need to put into it yourself and as a couple, followed by plenty of practical input and techniques, which you can take away and use.

We're also offering Yoga for Labour and Birth courses. This is a shorter course suitable whether you have done NCT or other birth preparation or not, which is of a more informative nature and less on the practical, ie what you can actually do to 'manage' labour and birth. This course draws together the different yoga breathing and relaxation techniques that can help during labour and birth. We also explore the kinds of movements and positions that work well in labour and for birthing your baby. For you, it gives the opportunity to bring together all those bits and pieces from class, when I mention "keep this in mind for labour". For your birth partner, it gives the chance to experience the techniques and movements themselves, as well as giving some guidance on how they can help and support you, including massage techniques.


Check out the website for dates, times, cost, as well as a bit more info on what we cover in the sessions.