Jen Painter

Jen Painter is a CYQ, Body Control & Stott trained Pilates instructor based in Hackney, East London.
She has a background in dance, yoga and nutrition and uses this knowledge to inform the way she teaches Pilates.

Specialising in pre & postnatal Pilates and as a mother herself, Jen can vouch for the practise as a safe and efficient way to aid the body throughout pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal recovery.

Jen Painter instructs the following:
  • pilates : all levels

    Pilates is a technique for strengthening and toning the core postural muscles, especially in the abdominal area. Using small focused movements, core awareness is increased improving strength, flexibility and posture.

    Each teacher has their own approach so if you need a slow and detailed class we recommend Anja and Symeon, but if you want a tough workout go to Brooke. Ivona keeps her classes at a steady but relaxed pace, and if you like creative teachers try Akane, Alessandra and Danai!

    All levels - Open to all, no experience necessary.

    If you have a history of injuries or any other issues, we recommend our Level 1 class and teachers with a slower approach (see above).

  • pregnancy pilates : all levels

  • Pregnancy Pilates is a specialist pilates class that will help you manage the physical and physiological changes of pregnancy and prepare for life with a little one.

    Some of the many benefits of Pilates in Pregnancy include:

    * an increase in body awareness, well being and confidence
    * improves postural and muscular support for pregnancy, labour, birth and life with a little one
    * increases energy levels, core stability and strength
    * improves breathing and abdominal support harmoniously with each other
    * provides relaxation, mindfulness and calm
    * increases awareness of the pelvic floor and it's role in support but also release during pregnancy, birth and beyond
    * is suitable for any type of birth you hope for
    * will help set you up for a speedier postnatal recovery

    Pilates can help with many common symptoms of pregnancy such as:
    Backache, Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Pelvic Floor weakness or related injury.

    We welcome you to this specialist group class once you have had your 12 week scan and have been approved to exercise by your doctor or midwife.

    This class is suitable at any stage during your second and third trimester, right up to birth.

    About the teacher:

    Anja is a Pilates Foundation teacher and has been a specialist teacher in Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates since 2009.

    She is an active member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Instructors and the Assistant Director and Guest Lecturer for Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates for the Pilates Foundation Matwork Teacher Training Programme of Mindful Pilates.

    Anja has also a little one herself.

  • post natal pilates : newborn to crawling
    This class has a focus on the abdominal area and pelvic floor, to draw your body back together after the birth of your baby and improve posture.

    There is a crèche worker in the room to help take care of your baby. Babies are welcome up until they are crawling. Tea and snacks are provided after the class in our leafy courtyard area.

    Yogahome is all on one level so if your baby is asleep you can bring your buggie all the way in.

    All levels - no experience required