Emanuela Celletti

Emanuela teaches Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, gentler and slower forms of yoga, and meditation, in a relaxed yet thorough manner. She is committed to supporting the practice of a wide range of students of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds.

She is fond of the rigour of Ashtanga Vinyasa and encourages students to explore postures and movements with intelligence and curiosity, through modifications and pauses when necessary, in order to find out for themselves how the system can serve them, and not the other way around.

She has studied with Maty Ezraty, David Swenson and Matthew Sweeney, and continues to expand her understanding of movement and mind-body awareness through regular study. She is also currently training in Thai Yoga massage.

Emanuela Celletti instructs the following:
  • ashtanga yoga : all levels
  • A vigorous practice, moving from pose to pose at a sustained pace. Expect a workout that builds up strength, flexibility and stamina.
    The same sequence of poses, the Primary Series, is repeated in each class so you ultimately commit it to memory and can move on to self-practice. When fully integrated, the practice becomes like a moving meditation as you no longer need to remember the sequence.

  • slow flow yoga : all levels

  • A flowing practice for anyone seeking attention to detail or in need of a gentler pace whilst still moving through creative sequences of poses. An inclusive class, it welcomes beginners as much as advanced practitioners, as well as pregnant women and those recovering from injury.

    The slower pace allows for a focus on precision, alignement and breath, letting you make the practice as technical and challenging or as gentle as you need it to be, with options to rest. Slow, mindful movement creates a space for the body to adapt and unwind, and for the postures to flow with stability and lightness like a moving meditation.

  • ashtanga : level 1

  • Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic high heat flowing practice to tone, strengthen and detoxify. Repeating and building on elements of the Primary Series.

    In this class you will repeat the same sequence of poses each week, ultimately committing it to memory and moving on to self practice.

  • yoga & meditation : all levels
  • An open level class starting with yoga postures (asana) and movements to limber, strengthen and open the body, enabling you to then sit comfortably for the meditation practice in the second part of the class.

    You will be guided through techniques to focus and eventually quieten the mind. Different teachers bring different styles and methods to the class so do try them all!
    A full-rounded class taking you on the traditional journey of yoga: training and uniting body, mind and spirit.