Frankie Walker

Expect playful, intelligent classes with attentive alignment, creativity and exploration infused with warmth, encouragement and a deep understanding of the postures, practices and philosophy of yoga.
Frankie discovered yoga while studying devised performance and quickly developed a self practice. From a book. With soft focus images of ladies in leotards standing on their heads. Fortunately she then got some expert guidance from, predominantly, Iyenger teachers. She later went to India, and then went again, and again and again over the next 12 years. Travelling, living and working across the country she eventually began to train as a yoga teacher in a traditional ashram. Over the following years she trained further at The Sivananda Ashram, with a 200-hour teacher training in Pranayama with Prahladha Reddy, with Usha Devi and other senior Iyenger teachers, and practising Mysore-style Ashtanga.

Having settled in London, she taught and practised with the dynamic vinyasa krama teacher Stewart Gilchrist before meeting John Stirk who introduced her to the work of Vanda Scaravelli and her profoundly wise approach of going with the body, not against it, of deeply listening to what underpins our need to move, and to classical Osteopathy, Cranio-Sacral therapy and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. How we approach ourselves and how we choose to engage with our body-mind has an enormous effect on the benefits we reap from our practice, both short and long term, on and off the mat.
Frankie continues to work and train regularly with John, practising with, and assisting, Scaravelli-inspired teacher Catherine Annis and working with Restorative and Somatics teacher Aki Omori. She is continuously studying Embodied Embryology and Functional Anatomy.

Frankie Walker is currently not instructing any classes.