Anna Blackmore

Anna has been teaching for over 30 years and has worked as an osteopath, a shiatsu practitioner and hypnotherapist. She is a board member and teacher on Yogacampus's yoga therapy course and also teaches on their teacher training course.

Anna Blackmore instructs the following:
  • CPD for teachers and teacher trainees: Accommodating common injuries and conditions

  • A Continuing Professional Development workshop for yoga teachers and teacher trainees, accredited by Yoga Alliance
    Students with various medical conditions or recovering from injuries often show up in yoga classes
    because it has been recommended to them (sometimes by a doctor with little knowledge of yoga) as a form of gentle exercise and relaxation. How do we safely accommodate these students in a general group class? 

    In this workshop we will examine some of the more common medical conditions and injuries encountered in classes, the basic underlying pathology, warning signals, what to avoid and what might be helpful.

    Examples may include:
    • Low back pain
    • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
    • Knee problems
    • Shoulder injuries
    • Hypermobility
    • High and low blood pressure
    • Post-surgery recovery

    We will then consider how to give the student safe, useful modifications or alternatives, so that they feel cared for, rather than left out, when the rest of the class is doing something unsuitable for them, and how to deal with this situation.
    This workshop is open to all yoga teachers regardless of training and lineage, all yoga teacher trainees, and any advanced yoga student interested in teaching skills.

    Feedback from previous CPD's:

    "Both workshops were a real confidence boost and I have been able to apply what I learnt in my classes already. Can't wait to go to the others!" (teacher Imogen)

    "The workshop made me feel both humble in recognising that we all encounter the same difficulties, and enthused with renewed willingness to research, deepen my understanding and become every day the best teacher I can be" (teacher Francesca)

    Cost: £35

    Watch out for our next CPD workshops in the new year!