Catrin Osborne

Catrin teaches dynamic yoga as well as slower, yin and restorative yoga and yoga nidra. Her classes always pay attention to alignment and offer a deep, guided relaxation at the end.

Catrin trained with Yoga Haven on their 200-hour Yoga Alliance programme which she loved for its non-dogmatic approach and careful attention to both the physical and the philosophical practice of yoga. She trained with Roger Cole in Restorative Yoga and completed her Yoga Nidra teacher training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli. She also trained in Yoga Adjustments with Nova Milesko and in Yin yoga with Norman Blair at Yogacampus. She remains constantly inspired by a wide range of teachers.

Catrin used to be an aerialist and as well as her yoga teaching runs a theatre circus company called Osborne & What. She teaches yoga for actors at Fourth Monkey and RADA, and has set up

Catrin Osborne instructs the following:
  • vinyasa flow yoga : all levels
    A dynamic flowing practice of postures drawing on the ashtanga yoga tradition yet with creative sequencing so that each class is different.

    Deep stretching for strength and flexibility leaves you energized yet relaxed.

    All levels - everyone welcome, differing abilities are catered for. Complete beginners should be aware that a minimum level of fitness is recommended as these classes may be faster paced or more physically challenging.

  • flow & restore yoga : all levels
  • An energetic, heat-building vinyasa flow practice followed by longer-held stretches and restorative poses, and ending with a deep, long, guided relaxation.

    A well balanced two-fold class, with the benefits of dynamic yoga and the benefits of a full restorative practice all packed in a single session! A real treat for everyone.

  • A real Friday treat: Yin and yoga nidra workshop
    Yin yoga is a quiet, reflective practice that can help us slow down and look inwards, focusing on the meditative power of the breath, stillness and observing what comes up when we let go.
    In this workshop we will practise staying in floor-based stretching postures with the use of props to help support the body. This opens up fascia, a layer of connective tissue covering the entire body.

    We will then end with a yoga nidra, a practice done in Savasana (lying down comfortably) that allows us to find deep relaxation, somewhere between waking and sleeping. Catrin will guide you around the body while you relax and really let go physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Expect to leave this evening feeling like you have stretched the body, often going deeper as we hold the postures for longer, but also with a sense of inner calm, enabling you to feel less stressed and experience better sleep.

    “Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner
    peace.” – Nikki Rowe
    Open to all levels.
    Cost: £26

  • slow flow yoga : all levels

  • A flowing practice for anyone seeking attention to detail or in need of a gentler pace whilst still moving through creative sequences of poses. An inclusive class, it welcomes beginners as much as advanced practitioners, as well as pregnant women and those recovering from injury.

    The slower pace allows for a focus on precision, alignement and breath, letting you make the practice as technical and challenging or as gentle as you need it to be, with options to rest. Slow, mindful movement creates a space for the body to adapt and unwind, and for the postures to flow with stability and lightness like a moving meditation.

  • yoga nidra : all levels
    Also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness, yoga nidra is an ancient practice intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. Following basic, gentle movements to limber the body and a few restorative poses, the teacher uses techniques such as guided imagery and body scanning to aid relaxation, allowing a generous length of time in Savasana (lying down on your back, with appropriate support) for practitioners to physically and mentally sink into their yoga nidra.
    A class for everyone: no experience of yoga necessary.