Shira Hess

Shira's vinyasa flow classes offer carefully designed, progressively complex sequences, inspired by yogic philosohpy. Expect to sweat and work hard. Nourishing hands-on assists will help you access deeper forms of each pose and are a vital part of her classes, along with pranayama (breath exercises) and mantras.

Shira trained with Claire Missingham and her teaching remains deeply rooted in her powerful approach to vinyasa flow.

What guides Shira as a teacher and as an eternal, humble student is the deep belief that yoga is a tool and catalyst for growth.

Shira Hess instructs the following:
  • vinyasa flow yoga : all levels
    A dynamic flowing practice of postures drawing on the ashtanga yoga tradition yet with creative sequencing so that each class is different.

    Deep stretching for strength and flexibility leaves you energized yet relaxed.

    All levels - everyone welcome, differing abilities are catered for. Complete beginners should be aware that a minimum level of fitness is recommended as these classes may be faster paced or more physically challenging.

  • slow flow yoga : level 2

  • A flowing practice for anyone seeking attention to detail or in need of a gentler pace whilst still moving through creative sequences of poses. It is relevant to beginners as much as advanced practitioners, and welcomes pregnant women and those recovering from injury.

    The slower pace allows for a focus on precision, alignement and breath, letting you make the practice as thorough and challenging or as gentle as you need it to be, with options to rest. Slow, mindful movement creates a space for the body to adapt and unwind, and for the postures to flow with stability and lightness like a moving meditation.

  • pranayama & meditation : all levels

    Building on breath work (pranayama) to focus and calm the mind, this class will lead you seemelssly into meditation. A practice truly accessible to everyone: no experience necessary.

    Following preparatory stretches and breathing practice, you will be guided through ways to sit, concentrate, and access a stillness of mind that, even if only achieved for a few moments, will bring you clarity and serenity.

    A great introduction to meditation as well as a way to deepen or refresh your practice. Various teachers may bring a range of different techniques to the class.

  • vinyasa flow yoga : level 2
  • Vinyasa flow yoga is a dynamic flowing practice taught to music. This class flows through a sequence of postures creating a moving meditation.
    Based on the ashtanga tradition, but in vinyasa flow each class is different with a variety of creative sequences.
    This is a strong class, so not suitable for beginners.

  • New Year's Eve pop-up class! delightful flow : all levels
  • To prepare you for the shenanigans that your evening may bring, come and sweat out the indulgences of all the festivities with this special yoga class!
    With time to luxuriate in a slow, yet challenging vinyasa flow practice, peppered with some core work, inversions and arm balances for maximum strength, this well-balanced session will start with meditation and end with a yoga nidra.
    With creative sequences, lots of hands-on-assists tailored to your particular needs, and steeped in the ancient teachings of yoga, this evening pop-up promises to be a lovely end to 2018.