pop-up class! yoga + ayurveda: balancing your kapha (earth+water)

This class is taught by:

Sally-Anne Reynolds

Sally-Anne has developed a love of yoga since childhood, and experimented with Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar and Bikram, before establishing her practice in Jivamukti and Vinyasa Flow. She trained in India and Sri Lanka with Quantum Yoga Founder, Lara Baumann, and Judith Daniels, and studied Veda Yoga in India with Ayurvedic doctor and teacher, Ajay Sharma.

She teaches dynamic, flowing classes, practised to an uplifting beat, and a more gentle and restorative style of yoga, helping people of all levels to find space and peace within. Whether dynamic or restorative, Sally-Anne's classes help students find their centre, by encouraging a deep connection within. Students of all levels, ages, shapes and sizes can expect to have fun, improve flexibility, strengthen and tone, while also becoming more conscious, mindfully connecting with their inner self. Sally-Anne believes in yoga as a total way of life, dedicated to a healthy, balanced lifestyle, plus kindness and compassion for oneself and others.
Difficulty rising in the morning and often feeling sluggish?
Do you feel heavy and suffer from emotional overeating or excess mucous? Do you get easily attached and sentimental?
This vinyasa-based class will help you regulate your kapha (earth + water) dominant constitution using practical tools from Ayurveda.

Expect an energising, invigorating vinyasa practice with lots of twists, arm balances and backbends to shake things up, get the body moving and stimulate the whole system.

When things change around us or within us, we can easily become out of balance. This class will help you bring yourself back to your own unique equilibrium through a specific sequencing of postures, meditation, pranayama (breath) and relaxation techniques.


This is part of a series of pop-up classes dedicated to regulating each particular dosha (dominant constitution): vata (air + ether) on 6th July, pitta (fire + water) on 20th July and kapha (earth + water) on 10th August. Feel free to call us if you have any questions!

All levels welcome!